Hometown Promise

Lukas Frye has moved to Kellersburg, Ohio, to renew his relationship with his grandfather, who lives there. For the past six years, Lukas has worked hard to put his reckless past behind him, and Kellersburg seems like the perfect place to do that—until he encounters Juliane Keller. She could derail all his plans.

Juliane remembers Lukas from her college days, and her memories of him are anything but good. He says he’s a changed man, but can she trust that claim? Besides, his presence in town is a constant reminder of the secret her family harbors.

When secrets are revealed, will love find a way to forgive?

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ON SALE September 10, 2018

Jul 2


Today is the start of The Championships, Wimbledon 2018. These are the tennis championships held at Wimbledon, England every year. Ten years ago, I had the wonderful experience of attending this premier tennis tournament. This was a surprise birthday present from my sweet husband because I mentioned wanting to celebrate my birthday by going to […]

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