Country Blessings

Ten years after Rachel Charbonneau left the South Dakota farm where she grew up to pursue her dreams of an acting career, she has come back for her mother’s funeral. Rachel plans to sell the farm and return to California. Despite her bad feelings about the place, the good things, including Matt Dalton, call her to reconsider. Matt, an injured war hero, wishes he could change her mind, but he doesn’t know how a scarred soldier can win the heart of a famous actress. Can he arm himself with enough patience, faith, and love to be her hometown hero?

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ON SALE April 09, 2019

Apr 5

Kellersburg Revisited

In 2010 and 2011, Love Inspired published three of my books, which they called the Kellerville series. I received the rights back to those books and have since reissued them as the Kellersburg series. The titles of the books are the same, but not the series name. The books also have new covers. Here they […]

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