Homecoming Blessings

When Peter Dalton gets a request from his boss to work with his missionary daughter on a project to help the less fortunate, Peter fears this may mean the end of his rise to the top at Hiatt Construction. But Peter is all about pleasing his boss and will do whatever it takes to please the man.

Not happy with her father’s demand, Ashley Hiatt sees little in common with Peter, whom she remembers as a man ten years her senior, consumed with money and beautiful women. Ashley doesn’t know how their contrasting styles can work in this partnership.

Soon Peter is thinking about how to help those in need, instead of money. He’s changed but not enough to let Ashley win his heart. Will this new mission teach him how to love again?

This contemporary romance is the third book in the Dalton Brothers series. Look for book 1, Four Little Blessings, and book 2, Country Blessings.

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ON SALE June 14, 2019

Apr 5

Kellersburg Revisited

In 2010 and 2011, Love Inspired published three of my books, which they called the Kellerville series. I received the rights back to those books and have since reissued them as the Kellersburg series. The titles of the books are the same, but not the series name. The books also have new covers. Here they […]

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