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Melody's Resolve

Millionaire Hudson Conrick doesn’t know what to make of Melody Hammond on their blind date. He’s used to women who chase after him because of his family name and fortune. So when she turns him down for a second date, he is more than curious about the pretty ministry director at The Village of Hope. His interest prompts him to make a bid on the women’s shelter expansion at The Village of Hope. When Conrick Construction wins the bid, he hopes he’ll get to know her better.

Melody leads a cautious life because of her painful past, and she wants no part of Hudson’s adventuresome, risky lifestyle. She has let fear rule her life. Can she let trust in God drive out that fear? Can Hudson convince her that his reckless ways are behind him—and that he’s the perfect man for her?

The Village of Hope:
A community built on service and love

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