Nursing the Soldier’s Heart

Healing the Soldier-s Heart

Loving the SoldierĀ 

Nurse Kirsten Bailey places her family above all else. She refuses to give former army medic Brady Hewitt any leeway for being weeks late in visiting his ill grandmother. But Brady has a good excuse, and he’s eager to show the pretty nurse that first impressions aren’t always right. While working with Brady to care for his grandmother and two orphaned boys, Kirsten realizes that his charm and kindness aren’t an act. But Kirsten plans on doing missionary work abroad, and she’s determined not to fall for the engaging soldier. Could the man she once dismissed be the one to make her stay forever?

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ON SALE July 21, 2015

Nov 26

Happy Thanksgiving!

In the photo below, we’re waiting for the guests to arrive. The table is set, even the kids table in the background. Now the guests have gone. The leftovers are in the fridge. I’ll have pumpkin pie for breakfast in the morning. I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving and remembered the many things we […]

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