Second Chance Reunion


Annie Payton’s lost everything she once  held dear. The Village of Hope is her last chance to rebuild the life she’s frittered away so needlessly. But as she works to regain custody of her children, she never imagines an unlikely advocate in her corner—ex-husband Ian Montgomery. Ian’s always willing to help those down on their luck, but his ex-wife’s a different story. Her past betrayal is still a painful memory. As the Village’s lawyer, he’ll represent her—but that’s as far as he’ll allow his feelings to go. Can Annie show Ian that she’s changed in every way but one—the love she still has for him?

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ON SALE January 01, 2015

May 19

World IBD Day

Today is World IBD Day. You might ask what that is. It’s a day to bring attention to the five millions people worldwide who suffer from Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. These conditions are know as inflammatory bowel disease or IBD. You may wonder why I’m talking about these diseases. I have a very good […]

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