A Baby To Call Ours

When Jimmy Cunningham has a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity with his uncle’s company, Jimmy hopes to prove to everyone in his small hometown that he can be a success despite his bad-boy past. But will his uncle’s unreasonable request that Jimmy find a wife and settle down send his career dreams up in smoke?

Kelsey Reynolds wishes she could turn back time a few weeks and change the course of her life, but she can’t undo the mess she’s made. Jimmy offers her a solution, but is marrying a man she barely knows—even one as good looking and kindhearted as Jimmy—any better than facing her family with the truth?

How can a marriage built on a pretense survive?

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ON SALE July 25, 2018

Jul 2


Today is the start of The Championships, Wimbledon 2018. These are the tennis championships held at Wimbledon, England every year. Ten years ago, I had the wonderful experience of attending this premier tennis tournament. This was a surprise birthday present from my sweet husband because I mentioned wanting to celebrate my birthday by going to […]

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