Posted Jul 2 2018, 6:33 pm

Today is the start of The Championships, Wimbledon 2018. These are the tennis championships held at Wimbledon, England every year. Ten years ago, I had the wonderful experience of attending this premier tennis tournament. This was a surprise birthday present from my sweet husband because I mentioned wanting to celebrate my birthday by going to Wimbledon. I never dreamed we would actually do it. Every year when I watch the tournament on TV, I think about the different courts at Wimbledon. We were able to get second hand tickets to Centre Court. Here is a photo of me after the match. 

We also saw the Bryan brothers, top American doubles players, in a close-up match on one of the outer courts. The brothers are “mirror twins” with Mike being right-handed and Bob left-handed.

On another outside court, we watched Stan Wawrinka play. I don’t remember whether he won because he wasn’t a player I was familiar with, but since then, he has gone on to win the Australian Open, the US Open, and the French Open, three of the four grand slams. The only one he hasn’t won is Wimbledon. He won his first round match today after coming back from a knee injury at Wimbledon last year that required surgery. He missed the last half of 2017. I hope he does well this year. Here is a photo of him below.

When I cheer for players, I choose the less noisy ones. In 2012, the powers that be in tennis promised to penalize players for making excessive noise while they play. Some of the women players screech when they hit the ball, but nothing has been done. I can’t stand to listen to that. Some players I just won’t watch because I don’t want to watch the match on mute. I long for the days when tennis players barely made a noise when they hit the ball.

Do you ever watch tennis matches on TV, or have you been to a live event? Who is your favorite player?


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