The Living Room and Dining Room

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Today I’m adding the next installment in my remodeling saga. This post is about the area of the house, which is a living room and dining room combination. The original room had carpet while the rest of the downstairs was tile—three different kinds. Since we wanted to get rid of the carpet and we couldn’t get any of the old tile, we didn’t think a fourth kind of tile would work. Since we were getting rid of the tile, I decided I wanted hardwood throughout all the areas you see when you walk in the front door. Our bedroom still has tile, but it is off to the side and not readily seen when you walk in the front door. Here is what the living room looked like when we first saw the house.


 I took this photo of the living room right before Christmas last year. You may notice that we got rid of the coral color around the window.


 Here is a partial look at the dining room when we had my mother-in-law’s furniture in it. I wish I had captured a picture of the old chandelier so you could see the difference the new one makes in the room. The old one was polished brass and very plain.

031Here is what the rooms look like today.




Do you have a formal dining room? If you don’t have one, do you wish you did?



8 responses to “The Living Room and Dining Room”

  1. Jackie Smith says:

    All so beautiful, Merrillee! I love your formal dining room; I had one much like it before we moved to country and downsized. Our thought was we will go to daughter’s for holiday dinners and not need it, however, we did not plan to get old and have health issues! (sigh)
    Love seeing your pictures…hope you have some of the granddaughters enjoying their space!

    • Jackie, thanks so much. This dining room is a bit smaller than the ones we’ve had in previous houses. The rug is slightly too big, but because the rooms join each other we could let the rug spill into the other room. We bought that rung over 20 years ago when we lived in the Boston area, and I’ve never grown tired of it. We still go to our daughter’s house for holidays because it’s easier for her with the little kids when it’s time for them to nap or go to bed, but one of these days they will be old enough to come over to our house for holiday meals.

  2. I love, love, love looking at remodeling projects. It’s always so fun to see what others are doing. I steal ideas. Hehe. Your dining room is beautiful. We don’t have a formal dining room, but our dining area off the kitchen is big enough for my 8′ farm table and chairs. I’ve always thought I might like a formal dining room, but I doubt I’ll ever get one.

    Well there is always my heavenly mansion. Maybe God is building me a formal dining room even as I speak!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  3. Ronnie says:

    Really, really like your wood floors. And I love my dining room. What would the guys do without my table for poker ?

  4. wonderful changes! Know you are having a great time doing all the undating. Blessings, Kathy

    • Kathy, thanks so much. Glad you stopped by my blog. I’m loving the changes we’ve made, but it wasn’t so fun going through it. I’m also having a great time sharing the updates here on my blog. There are more to come in the following days.

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