The Front Hall

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Yesterday I wrote about the loft. In addition to the loft, there are three other rooms upstairs. Two of the rooms saw very little change other than new carpet and a fresh coat of paint on the doors and woodwork. The third bedroom was actually painted before we moved in. Here is what it looked like when we first saw the house.


Here is what it looks like now.


From the loft you can look down on the front hall. Here’s what it looked like during our inspection.

025During the remodeling process we took out the old tile and replaced it with mahogany hardwood. I have a few photos of the remodeling process. In the first one the old dishwasher is sitting in the front hall along with a lot of paint cans. In the second you can see how they started laying the hardwood floor.



There is one last picture before I show you the final results. This is the stairway just before they put in the new carpet.

IMG_4866[1]Here is what the front hall looks like today.


 This is a photo taken looking down from the loft. You get a good view of the new light fixture.IMG_4875[1]

Here is the front hall looking toward the front door.


Do you call this part of the house the front hall or the foyer, or do you have another name for it?



6 responses to “The Front Hall”

  1. Ronnie says:

    The floor looks fabulous !

    • Thanks, Ronnie. I love it! It’s so much nicer than the tile, but I’ve discovered that this is just a dusty place. So whether I have tile or wood floors, they are always in need of cleaning.

  2. Mary Stain says:

    What a fabulous makeover—it’s beautiful!

  3. Terry Stewart says:

    Love the wood floor and the new fixture!! You must be so relieved & happy that it’s done!!!

    • Terry, thanks. It’s mostly done. I don’t know when I’ll get around to painting the laundry room. It has bare plaster where we took out the old shelves and put in the old cabinets from the kitchen. I think I want to paint them to match the woodwork and paint the walls navy blue. I’ve got the paint, but not the time. 🙂 But the biggest part is done. It feels like a brand new house.

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