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Do you remember this photo?


After today’s work on our remodeling project, it looks like this.


Now I really can’t use my kitchen. Up until today, I have been able to cook because the stove, microwave and sink were all functional. Not anymore! From now on, if I can cook it in a toaster oven, I’ve got it made. Any toaster oven recipes out there? The photo below shows what we’ve done with the old cabinets. The ones in the garage aren’t completely installed, but they will give us a lot of storage out there when the project is complete.


We added a couple of cabinets to the laundry room where there was only a shelf before. We had to use the short cabinets because of the vents on the right side. Do you see some painting in my future? Any color suggestions?


The following two photos show some other views of the kitchen.



Can you envision the final results—tall 42 inch cabinets in dark cherry, stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops?




9 responses to “More Demolitian”

  1. Evelyn Thompson says:

    Get the door, it’s Dommino’s!! 🙂

  2. Evelyn Thompson says:

    My partner, Becky said…… get the grill out. You can do everything on a grill!!

  3. Ronnie says:

    It really does sound great. Can’t wait to see the final pictures. Are you both keeping away from the dust ?

    • Ronnie, the dust wasn’t too bad after the took out the soffits. I was surprised. We have plastic up to keep is sort of contained. They will have to reposition outlets and some plumbing. Everyone was surprised at how much stuff was in the soffits.

  4. Jackie Smith says:

    Wow, your kitchen is going to be beautiful!!! So smart to relocate those cabinets to garage; we never seem to have enough of those in our garage to store things nicely!
    Can’t wait to see more pics.

    • Jackie, thanks! It will be great when it is all finished. The plumber reconnected the sink on Saturday. Now I at least have running water in the kitchen. I don’t have to wash dishes in the bathroom sink.

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