Memories of My Dad

Happy Father’s Day to everyone.

Today I’m going to reminisce about my Dad with some random memories. Here’s a photo of him on the day he and my mom got married. He was in the army at the time.

DadHe looks pretty serious in this photo, but I remember his infectious smile. He loved to laugh and had lots of friends. I see a lot of him in my younger daughter while my older daughter takes after my quiet mother.

I remember when I was a little girl that he used to dance me around the room while I stood on his shoes. He loved to fish and taught me how to cast a line and reel in a fish. He worked most of his life as a salesman, and he was good at it. He once won a derby hat coated in real gold in a sales contest. He loved the Lord and used to spend hours reading his Bible and writing out little sermons. He sometimes did a little cooking. I still have his recipe for vegetable soup.

As he grew older, my brothers and I called him “Pops.” But “Pops” died too young at the age of fifty-eight. I miss my dad, but I look forward to seeing him again in heaven.

Do you have some memories of your dad?