Kellersburg Revisited

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In 2010 and 2011, Love Inspired published three of my books, which they called the Kellerville series. I received the rights back to those books and have since reissued them as the Kellersburg series. The titles of the books are the same, but not the series name. The books also have new covers. Here they are. You may be wondering why I chose to rename the series but not the books. When I wrote the first book, Hometown Promise, I gave my little Ohio fictional town the name Kellersville. Notice that the name was not Kellerville. There is an “s” in the name. When I did the revisions for the book requested by my editor, I decided since the founders of my little town had German ancestry that the town would sound more German if it was called Kellersburg. When I turned in the revisions, I didn’t think to say something to my editor. So I went about my merry way as I wrote the next book in the series. A few months before the release of Hometown Promise, I saw the cover for the first time on Amazon. There was what they call a “flash” across the bottom of the cover, and it said KELLERVILLE. Oh my! What was I to do? That was no longer the name of my town. In fact, it had NEVER been the name of my town. 

First I called my agent and explained the situation. She called my editor, who then contacted me. She said the cover couldn’t be changed, but they could change the name of the town in the book. So that’s what they did. But now that I have the rights back, I want to give the town it’s rightful name. So KELLERSBURG it is. What do you think about the name change?

You can find buy links for the series by tapping on the name of the book. 

Hometown Promise, Hometown Proposal, Hometown Dad


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