Happy Valentine’s Day

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Many of you will celebrate Valentine’s Day today as you give someone you love a card or gift. Valentine’s Day is a special day for me, not because of the commercial holiday but because it is my wedding anniversary. Last year I did a blog about getting married on Valentine’s Day. Here is a link to last year’s Valentine blog post.

These are the Valentines my granddaughter is taking to her preschool class. Her dad helped her get them ready. 66173_4748980637279_634060507_n

 Do you remember giving Valentines to you classmates? I remember making a Valentine box to collect all the Valentines. Since I have a name with a lot of double letters, my biggest joy was finding that someone actually spelled my name correctly. It was amazing how many different spellings of my name came with those Valentines.

Since our anniversary falls on Valentine’s Day, if we are home, we often don’t do anything special to celebrate. This year our son-in-law is going to fix dinner for us. So that is special. Many years we have gone on a trip or cruise in February and celebrated with some good friends. Last year we went to Key West.  Here we are enjoying a boat ride near Miami. IMG_3224

 Below is a photo of one of the gorgeous sunsets at Key West.


What do you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day?



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  1. Susan Fryman says:

    Happy Anniversary, belated. I loved the photos from last year. We don’t do much special on Valentine’s either since one of our daughters was born on that day 33 years ago. It’s a little difficult to top that memory. Blessings, Susan

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