Happy 4th of July

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4th of JulyHappy birthday, USA. I’m so thankful to be an American. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. I hope you enjoy these songs. I’m glad I was born an American child. Click the link and skip the commercial.

American Child by Phil Vassar

God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood

How will you celebrate the 4th of July?



6 responses to “Happy 4th of July”

  1. Evelyn Thompson says:

    Thanks for that American Child. I;ve never heard it before and it is beautiful! We are not really doing much today. My partner, Becky, had a stroke back at the end of January, so we don’t go a lot of places. However, we are having her ribs done in the oven today. She has always been the cook. Now that her left side is basically “toast” she is having to tell me what to do. Think of the movie “Rattattoui”. She is the rat and I am the inept chef. 🙂 I know they will be awesome because she is “making” them.

    • Evelyn, I hope the ribs turn out great. We are having ribs today, too, at my daughter’s house. She’s the cook. I am not, although I do make a great potato salad. That is my contribution. I’m so glad I could introduce you to “American Child.”

  2. brandy morrison says:

    God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE patriotic song, and always makes me teary.

    Phil Vassar is one of my FAVORITE Country singers, and I LOVE ‘American Child’

  3. Jackie Smith says:

    I love Lee’s song…not familiar with Phil’s but am gonna take a listen! Thanks! Happy Fourth!

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