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Neon heartAre you familiar with the title for the blog? Every year at this time I like to be part of the campaign to make women aware of heart disease. My family has a history of heart disease. Both of my parents had heart attacks. Two of my brothers have suffered with some kind of cardiovascular disease.

We hear a lot about breast cancer killing women, but heart disease is the number ONE killer of women. Take a moment and check out the Go Red for Women website. See if you are at risk for heart disease. See what measures you can take to make your heart more healthy. I know one of the ways is to get enough exercise. As a writer, I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk. So I make an effort to get regular exercise. I walk and play tennis. Pick an exercise you enjoy so you’ll stick with it. 

What is your favorite exercise? I’m wearing red today, are you?




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  1. Mary says:

    My family has a history of heart disease on my mother’s side. My brother has suffered with some problems with his heart. He seems to be doing much better now that they have found out his problems and how to treat it. I also have a history of cancer on my dad’s side of the family. I enjoy walking but the weather has been too cold to walk lately. When the temperature is at zero or below to 32 degrees, I don’t want to walk. I do try to watch my diet and eat healthy. I enjoy walking and we have a beautiful neighborhood where we can walk so I am looking forward to the warmer days. I like the temperature to be around 50 to walk. It is already staying daylight longer in the evenings so hopefully the cold won’t last much longer and we can walk. Everyone in this area is tired of winter. I didn’t wear red Friday but I do have red on today.

    • Mary, thanks for stopping by. I know what you mean about not wanting to walk in the cold. That’s why I’m glad I live where the winters are mild. I can walk outside most days. When I can’t I use a walking DVD by Leslie Sansone. She does a very easy to follow walking workout.

  2. Jackie Smith says:

    I love walking and did 2 miles almost daily for 29 yrs. Then I developed a back/sacrum/pelvic problem…for which I have been trying to get help for 2 yrs. Finally, I have a physical therapist that I think is on the right track for me….I do my exercises faithfully at home and hope to be back to normal soon. But I am older so it is quite a challenge.
    My husband had heart attack/triple bypass in 2010 so I am health, diet conscious!

    • Hi, Jackie. I’m glad you took a minute to stop by. I’m happy to learn that you’ve found someone to help you with your back problem. I know that physical therapists can do wonders with the exercises they recommend. I had a shoulder problem a few years ago, and I had to do the exercises for nearly two years before my shoulder was back to normal. I almost gave up. Now I’m glad I didn’t.

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