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Last week I talked about the movie, Arrival. Today I’m going to give my thoughts on another movie from the list of Oscar nominees for Best Picture, Fences. I went to this movie with my older daughter and wasn’t sure quite what to expect. I knew the story was about a black family in the 1950s. I had read several good reviews about the movie and wanted to see it. As I watched the story unfold on the big screen, I soon came to the conclusion that the movie must be based on a stage play because even though it was movie, it had that “stagy” feel. I asked my daughter if this was the case, and she confirmed that the movie was based on a stage play. The Pulitzer Prize-winning play was written my August Wilson. 

The movie stars Denzel Washington and Viola Davis. They give fabulous performances, but the story is somewhat depressing about man who wants to do right, but fails in too many ways, and the wife who manages to survive his failures. It’s definitely not a feel good movie, the kind I’m prone to like, but I’m not sorry that I saw it. It reminds me that we are all weak and only through God’s grace can we be what we ought to be.

How do you feel about sad or depressing stories?



4 responses to “Another Oscar Nominated Movie”

  1. Sharon says:

    I go to movies to be entertained, enlightened, or examine my beliefs. I do not go to enable depression, negativity, hatred, or confusion. I like movies people can discuss.

  2. Gina Johnson says:

    I try to avoid them. Too much I life brings us down so I prefer happy, funny movies.

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